Improve the security and performance of your plant with alarm management, performance supervision, asset supervision, web-based data visualisation, optimisation, advanced control, and tuning with the new TaiJi tool.

Rethink your working methods and obtain immediate results thanks to our services, trainings, and consulting expertise. Manage changes intelligently with our proven solutions.

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You can consult our list of courses and calendar, and register online.

Our training is always of high quality and we use the latest technologies. Our instructors all have the appropriate academic training, practical industrial experience, and a good handle on teaching techniques, especially with an adult clientele.

Most of our courses meet our clients' needs. We also offer customized courses that can be adapted to your company's specific requirements (e.g., process, equipment, employees' experience). We can evaluate participants' skills before the training begins, and design a program that is suited to them.

­Types of Training

  • Standard courses
  • Customized courses
  • Seminars


  • Basic instrumentation, tuning, automation
  • Advanced notion of instrumentation, tuning, automation
  • Troubleshooting, optimization
  • Design
  • Measurement, components, interpretation of technical drawings
  • Utilization of specialized tuning software
  • Etc.

Target Audience

  • Instrumentation technicians
  • Engineers
  • Supervisory personnel, managers
  • Production superintendents
  • Foremen/forewomen
  • Electricians and electrodynamic technicians who get involved in instrumentation
  • Anyone interested in discovering the basics and new trends in instrumentation and control­


Top Control is accredited by Emploi-Quebec under the terms of the Règlement sur l'agrément des organismes formateurs, des formateurs et des services de formation. Our training activities meet the requirements of the D-7.1, r.0.2, a.11. law. According to Emploi-Quebec requirements, your purchase order must be sent directly to BBA Inc. Our accreditation number is 0055757.

On Site or Off Site

Our courses are offered regularly in different cities (see calendar).

We also offer on-site training. In this case, the course is adapted to your plant's particularities and examples are chosen according to your needs.

In some courses and workshops, a computer is required (see course descriptions).­