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We offer integration, installation, training, and support services for Matrikon's products, notably for: Matrikon Alarm Manager, Matrikon Operational Insight, Matrikon Equipment Condition Monitor, Matrikon Control Performance Monitor, TaiJi, et Matrikon Control Performance Optimizer.

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Matrikon™ Alarm Manager

Matrikon Alarm Manager is a comprehensive alarm management product that optimizes alarm system performance to improve plant safety, productivity, and profitability.

Matrikon Alarm Manager seamles­sly collects and stores all alarm and event data and automatically generates web-based, standards-compliant KPI reports that give you an accurate snapshot of the current state of alarm management at your plant.

Matrikon™ Operational Insight

Matrikon Operational I­nsight is a web-based data-visualization and KPI-dashboard product that enables better operational decisions by providing the right people with the data they need, when they need it and in the format they require.

Using standards-based technology, Matrikon Operational Insight connects to any real-time, historical, and relational data sources. Coupled with a robust and configurable (vs. programmable) dashboard interface, data has never been easier to trend, chart, monitor, report, and display.

Matrikon™ Equipment Condition Monitor

Matrikon Equipement Condition Monitor reduces unscheduled downtime by predicting and preventing critical equipment failures and diagnosing the root causes of poor performance. It is the only vendor-independent software product in the market that leverages both real-time and historical data through universal connectivity.

On a single screen, users can quantify current equipment health and identify underperforming assets. Because equipment failure is predicted before incidents and hazards occur, maintenance costs are reduced and production quality and capacity increases.

Matrikon™ Control Performance Monitor

Matrikon Control Performance Monitor is a condition-based application that monitors, identifies, diagnoses, and remedies control asset issues across all plant layers. It is the only vendor-independent software product in the market that leverages universal connectivity and offers monitoring, tuning, and modeling capabilities within one platform.

Control loop tuning, modeling, and multivariate step testing capabilities, coupled with the ability to automatically collect and analyze data, allows Matrikon Control Performance Monitor to not only improve control performance but sustain it as well.

TaiJi™ PID Loop Tuning and Optimization

­Matrikon's ­TaiJi PID Loop Tuning and Optimization module eliminates the guesswork in control tuning and loop optimization by allowing you to tune high performance controllers under closed-loop conditions without the need of breaking open loops and making manual adjustments.


Matrikon™ Control Performance Optimizer

Matrikon Control Performance Optimizer­ is for process control engineers who require the ability to design and develop process simulators and test APC strategies offline before final online implementation.

It is the only vendor-independent product in the market that enables users to process incoming signals, design, and implement soft sensors and drive the regulatory control layer with supervisory controllers and optimizers. Powerful simulations allow for rapid scenario testing as well as control development and troubleshooting.