Improve the security and performance of your plant with alarm management, performance supervision, asset supervision, web-based data visualisation, optimisation, advanced control, and tuning with the new TaiJi tool.

Rethink your working methods and obtain immediate results thanks to our services, trainings, and consulting expertise. Manage changes intelligently with our proven solutions.

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By using Top Control's services during the design process and start-ups, you will benefit from our extensive experience and expertise. We use the latest technologies (including advanced control, neural networking and fuzzy logic) and have an excellent knowledge of processes.

We will help you develop practical, economic, and proven solutions, according to your needs. We have done projects in many sectors, including pulp and paper, oil and gas, mining, power, and petrochemical.


Technological orientation­ :
  • Evaluation of budgetary needs
  • Evaluation of existing equipments
  • Support for design
Selection and revision of command strategies :
  • Definition of performance criteria
  • Selection of technologies that are best adapted to your needs
  • Technical support after installation (algorithms, basic and advanced control methods, fuzzy logic, neural networking)
Design :
  • Design of processes; selection of component specifications and component location
  • Definition of performance criteria
  • Estimation of tuning parameters for start-ups
  • Planning of start-ups and maintenance
Support :
  • Drawings, schematics
  • Program configuration
  • Installation, set-up, calibration
  • Start-ups
  • Writing and editing of documents


During start-ups, it is hard to stabilize the process. We can help you select appropriate parameters, revise control strategies, and determine root causes of problems. If equipments need to be resized, we will find the best short- and medium-term solutions in order to allow you to do a quick start-up.

Process Improvement

We can determine how you should modify your configuration, control strategies, and algorithms, in function of your needs. If actual performances cannot be improved, we will propose alternative solutions. Many advanced control approaches can improve performance substantially.

Advanced Control

We will help you select appropriate advanced control tools according to your needs. We use software tools from different manufacturers, but we favour the use of Matrikon's Control Performance Optimizer.

The main approaches for advanced control are the followings :

  • Control based on process models :
    • Model predictive control (MPC): identifying interrelations between variables and coordinating actions on loops or actuators in order to achieve a given behaviour
    • Advance regulatory control (ARC): using available functions in DCS's or PLC's in order to create a system that is similar to the MPC system; this approach is appropriate for small systems
  • ­Control based on rules :
    • Expert system: using several rules that determine what needs to be done under various circumstances
    • Fuzzy logic: using simple rules according to the circumstances; inexpensive and easy to implement