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Matrikon Equipment Condition Monitor

Real-time Equipment Monitoring

Get to the root cause of poor performance

Plant performance depends on the performance of your major assets, yet equipment failure is a leading cause of plant downtime and production loss. The result:

  • Increased maintenance spending
  • Damaged equipment
  • Loss of potential revenue

Real-time equipment monitoring solutions enable you to:

  • Predict and prevent equipment failures to maximize performance and availability
  • Improve equipment performance with predictive fault detection
  • Reduce unscheduled downtime & detect and diagnose the root causes of poor performance
  • Reduce operational and maintenance costs with condition-based maintenance (CBM)

You've Got Equipment…We Can Monitor It

With experience in industries where asset downtime is not an option, we have unmatched expertise in equipment monitoring solutions. At Matrikon, we take a collaborative approach with our clients. Work with us to identify your equipment monitoring needs and we can develop a solution that suits you. Our extensive experience in process control, health, and physical asset management ensures that you get solid business value from your investment.

Mobile Equipment Monitoring(Mining)

Industry Challenges

Your heavy equipment is a huge part of your mine's operating and maintenance costs. Its effectiveness also plays a huge role in determining your profitability. How do you manage your equipment assets to operate efficiently and reduce production costs?
The Solution: Matrikon Mobile Equipment Monitor

Matrikon Mobile Equipment monitor gives you real-time insight into the operating status and performance of your heavy mining equipment. Increased visibility of asset performance makes it easy to know when to intervene and address issues before they have an effect on the bottom line. It is also the only vendor-independent solution that is able to monitor and analyze any OEM equipment, which enables seamless communication between monitoring devices and the mining base station.

Mobile Equipment Monitor is a comprehensive and scalable monitoring system that meets the requirements of both the smallest mine and the largest multi-site enterprise. Remote access to data over the mine's wireless network allows for immediate visibility into asset and operator performance, meaning operations managers and maintenance teams have reliable information to act upon at any time.
Benefits of Mobile Equipment Monitor


  • Monitor and manage all field equipment regardless of supplier
  • Integrate with corporate systems such as maintenance and dispatch 


  • Remotely monitor the fleet and prevent developing problems before they lead to downtime
  • Reduce emergency maintenance
  • Adopt a condition-based maintenance methodology


  • Significantly extend equipment life
  • Validate operating practices to maximize fleet reliability
  • Maximize production and reduce operating costs 

Wind Farm Monitoring

With the growing need to keep energy clean, affordable, and efficiently utilized, wind energy is increasingly looked to as a source of renewable, green energy. Wind power generation has its own unique technical considerations, including variable production conditions, remotely dispersed assets, escalating costs, efficiently maximized power output, and a competitive global environment.

We understand your challenges
You are faced with:

  • Monitoring and analyzing the performance of your critical assets and their components
  • Reporting on asset health and key performance indicators, including production, days to failure, and alarm reports
  • Minimizing unplanned downtime
  • Reducing operational and maintenance costs by providing remote diagnostic capabilities 

Optimize wind asset monitoring

Our Wind Asset Monitoring solution enables you to achieve your operational excellence goals by better managing your data, assets, and operations.

With real-time visibility into data, alarms and events, regardless of original equipment manufacturer (OEM), you will reap the benefits of early event detection in maintenance and operations throughout your organization.

"The biggest issue with wind generation is that there's nothing really steady-state about it. So you constantly have to overcome all the different variables to try to get something that gives you an apples-to-apples comparison of turbines inside a fleet and between fleets. You have to get creative as to how you're going to look at data."

- Greg Howard, Project Information Manager
AES Wind Generation

Automated NERC CIP Compliance

NERC CIP 002-009 standards are top of mind these days for every power generation company, including those in the wind industry. As the need for online communication between business and operational assets increases, so does the vulnerability and risk of intrusion to cyber networks. Matrikon's NERC CIP compliance solution reduces man hours and costs, automates reporting and documentation, and manages your entire compliance program.

Well Performance Monitoring

We can help optimize the productivity of your wells

Our broad experience serving the oil and gas industry gives us the understanding of the issues our clients face. Well Performance Monitor is designed to meet the challenges faced by operators of both onshore and offshore wells:

Onshore Challenges

  • Need to intelligently manage hundreds or even thousands of wells scattered over large geographical areas
  • Too few process variables per well and limited well production testing facilities make monitoring difficult
  • Lack of monitoring leads to shut-ins and production decreases without operator notification 

Offshore Challenges 

  • Onshore engineering offices must access realtime data from offshore operating centres
  • Well tests may be limited or challenging, and estimating real production rates can be time consuming for engineers
  • Instrumentation signals are prone to noise and spikes, and failure of subsea and sub-surface instrumentation is common

Matrikon Well Performance Monitor Provides Indispensable View into Operations

Matrikon Well Performance Monitor provides you with an easy and cost-effective way to monitor field operations for both onshore and offshore assets. Well Performance Monitor lets you know how your wells are performing compared to your expectations, while visual models accurately predict what each well is capable of producing.

Well Performance Monitor is vendor independent and can be quickly deployed to a large number of wells without disrupting existing infrastructure, resulting in low adoption costs. This web-enabled monitoring solution extracts summary information and KPIs from realtime process data historians, production databases and engineering well models. You can visualize key field performance data and manage all equipment assets.

You can see where the shortfalls in production are occurring in realtime and take immediate steps to correct them, optimizing the production potential of each well.

Innovative Features Help Get the Most Out of Wells

Concise Production Overview

  • Continuously monitor well production and performance
  • Identify and diagnose potential problems
  • Prioritize operational, maintenance and engineering tasks
  • Map different processes and calculate variables and KPIs
  • Easily identify problem wells based on realtime calculated KPIs
  • Access different prioritized views of the field

Realtime Well Rate Calculation and Trending

  • Deliver realtime flow rates with existing performance curves
  • Estimate well rates using well models from any system
  • "Click" on any well to obtain a list of pre-configured trends and displays
  • Trend key measured or calculated variables from the well object model
  • No need to remember instrumentation tags

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