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Alarm Management

Alarm Management has become a critical component in plant operations.  Without a alarm management program in place, operations will suffer.  Safety, Reliability and Compliance are all improve to a large extent through sound alarm management principles.

Benefits for Operations

  • Improve operator work environment through significantly reduced alarming
  • Quickly identify and address problems through real-time viewing and automatic alarm filtering
  • Replay and annotate past incidents to ensure optimal training
  • Improve equipment reliability and plant performance by analyzing operator actions

Benefits for the Control Department

  • Integrate alarm and process data for incident and alarm strategy reviews
  • Consolidate alarm and event data from all data sources
  • Access secured alarm data from any PC
  • View alarm, equipment monitoring and asset performance KPIs from a single interface
  • Get best-practice reports providing guided analysis and benchmarking against industry standards

Benefits throughout the Enterprise

  • Share best-practices between plants
  • Increase profits, productivity and safety with improved plant reliability
  • Varied and specific information with customizable reports
  • Customize reports for specific information requirements
  • Automate Management of Change to ensure regulatory compliance and fewer procedures
  • Low cost of adoption

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