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Service and Consulting

When Falconbridge (Raglan division) adopted its optimization strategy, Top Control joined the team as a partner. Top Control's contribution allowed to obtain recurring annual savings of more than $7 million. How can a company afford to do without Top Control's services?
- Claude Jacob, Plant Superintendent, Xstrata (Falconbridge), Raglan mine, Quebec
Atlantic LNG achieves more production thanks to Top Control's services.
- Joel Fraser, Instrument Engineer, Altantic LNG, Trinidad & Tobaggo
Working with Top Control is probably the best decision I made in 25 years!
- Jean-Guy Lagace, Instrument Supervisor, Kruger, Quebec
Top Control were at our plant for a week. The very first day, we saw improvement. At the end of the week, their work had already paid for more than the total cost.
- Process Supervisor, Degussa, Alabama
Top Control eliminated control problems we had since many years, in only two days.
- Paper Machine Superintendent, Tembec, Quebec
After process optimization by Top Control, a lot of the operators have commented on how much smoother the plant operates too.
- Manager, BP Exploration, Alaska

... I personally believe there is no one who can apply real world applications of tuning better than he. I've contracted him to work for me on at least two occasions and have realized a payback in as little as one week.

- David Dewey, Engineer, Great Salt Lake Minerals Corporation



This was my second Top Control training workshop. I very much enjoyed the fact that the Top Control instructor had actual real world experience in the field of controls.Excellent value for tax payers money, Once again!

           - Robert Hudgins, Design Engineer, NASA, Virginia

This was the most helpful training I have had in my 15 year career.

- Senior Technician, NASA, Virginia
Excellent course! Probably one of the best ones I've attended in my career. The information was presented in a very accessible manner. The use of real world examples really helped to solidify the concepts.
- Brett Brumfield, Cytec, Industries Michigan
This was the most helpful training I have had in my 18 year career.
- Process Control Engineer, Qatar Liquified Gas Company, Qatar
I've been to other control training classes and Top Control's instructor did the best job out of all of them with regards to explaining topics at a level that made it easy to learn.
- Process Control Engineer, Reilly Industries, Indiana
Very good training seminar in both theory and practice. I learned a lot and enjoyed myself very much.
- Ming Ouyang, Columbian Chemicals, Georgia
Very practical, so it is easy to use the content in the workplace.
- Patricio, BP, Chile
Excellent tools! Very good training! Captivating content!
- Richard McCormick, Ultramar, Quebec
Excellent course, well organized, instructor very well prepared and knowledgeable.
- David Brooks, NovaTech Process Solutions, South Carolina
Very good course. Instructor has field experience and teaching experience and conveys information very well with real life examples.
- Engineer, Precision Engineering, Alabama
I was very surprised to discover how much I had to learn and how easy it is to understand when it is taught in such a way.
- President, Trans-West, Ontario
I suggest everyone to attend this excellent course!
- Process Control Engineer, Mol, Hungary­