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Technical Manual

­Fundamentals of process control

Michel Ruel, Levis, QC, 2006, 292­ p.

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Fundamentals of process control is a book on controller tuning and control loop fundamentals. The basic concepts of control are discussed using a practical approach. The tuning rules are explained and the performances expected are also covered.

The manual is available in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.


  • Chapter 1: Introduction

Objectives, basic concepts, open loop and closed loop

  • Chapter 2: Process dynamics

Definitions, model, process gain, dead time, time constant

  • Chapter 3: PID controller

Proportional, integral, derivative; filter, algorithms

  • Chapter 4: Tuning PID controllers

Good control?, tuning methods, basic principles, methods comparison

  • Chapter 5: Process problems

Process, valve (hysteresis, stiction, sizing), noise

  • Chapter 6: Advanced control strategies

Interacting loops, synchronizing loops

Cascade, feedforward

Split range, mid-range, coarse/fine

Special algorithms: Smith predictor, MPC, fuzzy logic

  • Chapter 7: PID controllers in PLCs

Good practices, sampling time, scaling, algorithms

  • Appendices:

A: ISA symbols

B: Definitions and formulas

C: Summaries

D: Articles