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August 2008

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Do you need more automation?

Should you add more control strategies?
Do you need more interlocks?
Should you automate start-ups?
Do you need more control loops?

With an alarm management tool such as Alarm Manager, you can pinpoint areas where your operators intervene frequently. This tool analyzes not only alarms but also events and actions. We use these analyses to identify the areas where your operators are doing what the DCS could do. If you do not have an alarm management software tool, we can analyze your data.

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See our calendar for 2008: we offer workshops on control strategies, performance supervision, advanced process control, alarm management, etc.


COM 2008, 47th Conference of Metallurgists, August 24-27, 2008, Winnipeg, Manitoba:

  • "Advantages of Monitoring the Performance of Industrial Processes",
    Michel Ruel, Top Control Inc.

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NPRA 2008, Q&A and Technology Forum, October 5-6, 2008, Orlando, FL:

  • "Optimize Your Process Using Normal Operation Data",
    Michel Ruel, Top Control Inc.

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ISA Expo 2008, Houston, TX:

  • "The Future of Process Automation",
    round table animated by Michel Ruel, October 14, 2008
  • "Best Practices for Monitoring your PID Loops: The Key to Optimizing Your Control Assets",
    Rohit Patwardhan and Michel Ruel, October 14, 2008
  • "Managing Combustibles and Operation Using Real-Time Data, Economic Values and Contract Clauses",
    Martin Emond, October 15, 2008
  • "Managing Assets Using Modern Tools at White Birch Paper",
    Michel Ruel and Eric Tremblay, October 16, 2008

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  1. How's Your Mobile Mining Equipment
    Solution Spotlight
  2. Assessing the Health of Your APC Applications:
  3. Alarm Management for Pipelines:
  4. Alarm Management for Pipelines Part 2:
  5. Enwave Benefits from Real-time Operations Monitoring:
    Case Study
  6. Automated Downtime Monitoring & Production Reporting:
  7. The Strategy for Production Excellence

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