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November 2003

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Classes & seminars:


Classes & Seminars
see our new calendar for 2004

Class on Detailed loop analysis with Expertune
Kapuskasing, On, on November 18-20, 2003.

Class on Detailed loop analysis with Expertune (on the beach!)
Tampa, Fl, on December 2-3-4, 2003.

We offer two new seminars:

Seminar on advanced tools in process control #SE-130-3E

Seminar on performance assessment techniques #SE-120-2E

About us

Thank you for all of you who visited us at ISA 2003 in Houston in October 21-23. The papers presented are posted on our web site at http://www.topcontrol.com/en/papers.htm

Top Control services (optimization-training-consulting) are now offered from our Montreal office (FOB Pointe-Claire). Montreal is added to Cincinnati, Milwaukee and Quebec City.

Montréal office: 514-695-5095

Trick for this month:

Oscillations in your process?

To optimize and analyze process problems, many tools are available. For example, using cross correlation analysis on many signals we can determine which variable has an impact on another. The relationship (time, amplitude, …) found will then be used by the software to calculate the feedforward (gain, lead/lag, dead time). If no feedfroward is used, another tool will help the user to determine PID tuning parameters on these loops to reduce interaction.

To find hidden cycling in signals, we use the Power Spectral Density Analysis. This tool helps us to find where these oscillations come from, for example the process, a mechanical device or another loop. Once the period and strength of strongest oscillations are found, they will lead us to the fault.

In Performance Monitoring Software, these tools are automatically applied on signals and the program generates prioritized lists and diagnostics.

These tools are part of the new seminar offered in 2004
SE-130-3E. See details:

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