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Process Optimisation

Optimisation touches a multitude of facets of the operation. The benefits of optimisation are often underestimated.

When we optimise a process, it is important to determine precise performance criteria. This must be done by people who have an intimate knowledge of the process: it is why we always work in collaboration with plant personnel. Our techniques, coupled with your employees' knowledge, allow us to achieve impressive results.

The most commonly used tuning method is trial and error; it is expensive and time consuming. Our techniques are fast and precise.

The methods we use include:

  • Quarter turn amplitude (Ziegler/Nichols)
  • Surface minimization below the curve
  • Obtaining pre-determined overshoot
  • Critical overshoot
  • Lambda method
  • Internal models (Dahlin & others)
  • Etc.

In those rare cases where conventional PID control techniques do not suffice, we use modern tools to determine the transfer function of your process. That way, we can determine with precision if the use of sophisticated algorithms (like Smith predicator, Dahlin controller, or fuzzy logic) is appropriate, or if process changes are necessary. No more trial and error! In no time you will know if you have attained optimal performance, or if modifications are necessary.

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