Improve the security and performance of your plant with alarm management, performance supervision, asset supervision, web-based data visualisation, optimisation, advanced control, and tuning with the new TaiJi tool.

Rethink your working methods and obtain immediate results thanks to our services, trainings, and consulting expertise. Manage changes intelligently with our proven solutions.

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­Message from the Founder

In today's competitive global environment, efficiency is essential to maximize profits and ultimately, survive. Top Control helps you improve the use of material and human resources within your organisation to make sure they are used to their fullest potential.

We can benchmark your plant, identify sectors where interventions will provide the biggest payback, and help you achieve immediate results. Our process control specialists will quickly identify which actions need to be taken. We will give management and production people the tools required to visualise, monitor, and control real-time performance. On the plant floor, we will enable your technical staff to acquire the tools and skills that are necessary to improve performance continuously.

Optimization and performance monitoring of control systems will have a huge impact on the quality, quantity, and costs of your production. The use of Top Control's services is certainly one of the best investments you can do. Our team is composed of dedicated engineers whose mission is to share their experience and knowledge with you, in order to help you attain your goals. We will establish a strong relationship with your personnel at all levels.

Michel Ruel, Foun­der of Top Control Inc.